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Such an important book!!Great book! I'm using this for my patients who are all experiencing pain from working at home in awful ergonomic conditions!!
Paula Ruffin
Practical and EASY!10/10 recommend. Dr. Scott has done a great job of making this book easy to read and easy to implement! I can't wait to get started on incorporating these changes and improving my life!!! THANK YOU!
Ryan Bones
Great tips to move more in the officeA great read which has helped me to move more while at work 🙂 . My body feels better already!
Chelsea Godson
Move it or lose it - Dr Scott VatcherI have dealt with Dr Scott Vatcher on a patient level as a high level athlete and I've dealt with different chiros over the years and since then I haven't looked. I must say this man is a genius of the bodys physiology and this book is priceless! if you truly value the full potential functionality of your body look no further because this is the book

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