Preventing Back Pain From Sitting in a Vehicle

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It may come as no surprise that sitting is not good for you. But did you know that sitting in a vehicle is the worst type of sitting?! Just think back to the last time you were stuck in a car all day during a road trip. How did you feel by the end of a long day in the car?

From time to time, I’m willing to bet you spend too much time in your car, whether that be for work or personal reasons. Am I right? For some of us this excess amount of time sitting in a car may be a daily occurrence. Unfortunately, anything longer than 20-30 minutes sitting at a time is too long and can have dire consequences for your short and long-term health.

But what can I do about it, you may be asking yourself? Its not like I can just stand up when I am driving down the highway! You’re right, I would not recommend trying that.

Stopping your car and standing up is the best way to counteract the negative effects of sitting for too long, but I get it, that is not always possible.

Inside, my simple movement patterns including the Head Press, Shoulder Shrugs, Head Rolls, and Shoulder Blade Pull are shown that you can perform while sitting in your car. The effects of doing these routines should ease up tension, especially
when traveling by land in a car for long periods of time.

Of course, road safety is of the utmost importance. When considering these movements, always remember that your safety and the safety of others is the most important thing.

Even when we’re riding in a car, let’s not take our posture for granted. My book serves as a great guide for a more comfortable, tension-free vehicle ride. Enjoy!

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