Home Office Ergonomics To Promote Productivity

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Sitting down for long periods of time is literally, albeit slowly, killing us. Who knew that illnesses such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and anxiety were linked to long hours of sitting down? Dr. James Levine, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, is quoted saying that sitting is literally more dangerous than smoking.

The importance of your posture while in the workplace (whether that be at home or at the office) cannot be stressed enough and needs to be addressed RIGHT NOW. In my e-book, I discuss how we should sit properly as this will have a huge overall impact on our
health, in addition to our productivity and performance.

Our Posture Patterns affect how we work and our comfort levels affect how productive we are at work, home and sports. Workplace ergonomic programs, if implemented properly, have been shown to be effective, reducing workers’ compensation claims by 60-90% while at the same time also increasing productivity by 10-15%.

By reducing pain and fatigue, these programs have the ability to dramatically reduce employee turnover, time off, and most importantly, improve workplace morale. Inside my book, I dive deeper into this concept and how it can be applied to YOU, in your home and workplace.

My “Set-Up Your Home Office For Success Guide” is a great guide for those of you who are looking for the balance of comfort and productivity between work and home. Especially now in the time of COVID-19 Pandemic where the lines between work and play have been blurred with many of us doing a “work from home” setup.

This book discusses key elements on why having an ergonomic work-life balance is important. It isn’t a long read; but is a gold mine of useful and practical information.

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About Dr. Scott Vatcher

Dr Scott Vatcher’s main focus now is to leverage his experience as a certified posture coach to empower his patients to improve themselves physically, mentally and even socially using the why, how and what of creating ideal posture patterns with his newly released amazon best seller book “Move it or lose it” and the courses and programs derived from it.

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